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Materiały z działalności posła Jana Świtki dotyczące ustawy sejmowej o finansowaniu KUL z 14 VI 1991 roku. Edycja źródłowa
Materiały z działalności posła Jana Świtki dotyczące ustawy sejmowej o finansowaniu KUL z 14 VI 1991 roku. Edycja źródłowa
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Recent Developments in Mathematics and Informatics. Vol. 1 - Contemporary Mathematics and Computer Science
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ed. August M. Zapała
Pages: 194
Format: B5 (hard cover)
Year: 2016
Language: English



List of Authors

1 Dynamical Potentials and Associated Action Functionals - Victor I. Bakhtin
1.1 Spectral and dynamical potentials
1.2 Equilibrium measures
1.3 The action functional and distributions of empirical measures

2 Computer Construction of the General Solution of the Linear Differential Equation of the Fifth Order - Alexander Chichurin
2.1 Introduction and statement of the problem
2.2 Preliminary theoretical considerations
2.3 Description of the solution algorithm for the problem
2.4 Visualization of the partial solutions
2.5 Solution of the initial problem and its graph
2.6 Conclusions

3 Deductive Systems and Ideals of Pseudo-BCI-Algebras - Grzegorz Dymek
3.1 The notion of pseudo-BCI-algebra
3.2 Selected properties of pseudo-BCI-algebras
3.3 Ideals and deductive systems
3.4 Closed deductive systems of normal pseudo-BCI-algebras

4 A Survey of Results on Compact Boolean Algebras - Wiesław Główczyński
4.1 Topologies on Boolean algebras
4.2 Algebraic properties of compact Boolean algebras

5 The Topological Argument Principle - Armen Grigoryan
5.1 Continuous argument of a complex curve
5.2 The degree principle
5.3 The argument principle

6 Two Problems Relevant to the Abel Equation - Szymon Ignaciuk, Dariusz Partyka
6.1 Generalized form of Abel’s equation
6.2 Auxiliary properties of exponential function
6.3 Notes on the first problem
6.4 Notes on the second problem

7 On a Linear Functional Equation with Commuting Given Functions - Witold Jarczyk
7.1 Iteration group of a function
7.2 An auxiliary result
7.3 Lebesgue measurable solutions of the linear functional equation

8 Singular Integral Equation on the Unbounded Strip - Paweł Karczmarek, Michail A. Sheshko, Paweł Wójcik
8.1 General form of the singular integral equation
8.2 Solution of the equation
8.3 Various versions of the main theorem
8.4 A numerical example

9 The Full Proof of Estimates of an Error of Approximate Solution of a Singular Integral Equation on the Half-Plane I - Paweł Karczmarek, Dorota Pylak, Michail A. Sheshko
9.1 Description of the problem
9.2 Function classes
9.3 Error estimates for the approximate solutions

10 Quantitative Methods for Linguistic Descriptors in Face Recognition - Adam Kiersztyn, Paweł Karczmarek, Przemysław Rutka and Witold Pedrycz
10.1 Main problems in face recognition
10.2 Description of the method
10.3 Experimental results
10.4 An alternative method
10.5 Weights of features
10.6 Conlusions

11 Results on Guarding a Line Segment as a Contribution to the General Theory of Differential Games - Beata Kraska, Witold Rzymowski
11.1 Description of a differential game
11.2 The value of a game in a general situation
11.3 Guarding strategy
11.4 Attack

12 Exact L1-Conservative Finite-Difference Scheme for the Neumann Problem for Quasilinear Parabolic Equation - Piotr Matus, Dmitry Poliakov
12.1 Conservative finite difference schemes
12.2 Exact L1-conservative finite-difference scheme
12.3 Exact conservative iteration process
12.4 Flow finite-difference scheme
12.5 Exact L1-conservative flow algorithm
12.6 Multidimensional generalization

13 Barycentric and Mechanical Properties of Classical Orthogonal Polynomials - Przemysław Rutka, Ryszard Smarzewski
13.1 Classical orthogonal polynomials
13.2 The weighted Fejér interpolating problem
13.3 Extremal differential problems

14 A Criterion for Regularity of Measures on Topological Spaces - August M. Zapała
14.1 The problem of regularity of measures
14.2 Regular and σ-finitely smooth measures
14.3 General criterion for regularity of measures
14.4 A criterion for σ-finiteness of measures
14.5 Concluding remarks

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