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Miscellanea methodologica. Wybór tekstów Andrzeja Bronka SVD i Stanisława Majdańskiego
Miscellanea methodologica. Wybór tekstów Andrzeja Bronka SVD i Stanisława Majdańskiego
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Recent Developments in Mathematics and Informatics. Vol. 2 - Contemporary Mathematics and Computer Science
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ed. August M. Zapała
Pages: 220
Format: B5 (hard cover)
Year: 2016
Language: English


Preface to Volume 2

List of Authors

Part I Contemporary Mathematics

1 Nonparametric Estimation - Theory and Practice - Małgorzata Charytanowicz, Piotr Kulczycki
1.1 Nonparametric methods for data analysis
1.2 Kernel density estimation
1.2.1 Kernel estimation for continuous data
1.2.2 Kernel estimation for binary data
1.2.3 Kernel estimation for mixed data
1.3 Applied data analysis
1.3.1 Kernel estimator of quantile
1.3.2 Conditional quantile estimator
1.3.3 Estimation of a regression function
1.3.4 Cluster analysis
1.4 Summary and final comments

2 Two Notes on the Paratingent - Małgorzata Fedor, Wojciech Zygmunt
2.1 Notations and definitions
2.2 Theorems

3 On the Range of Conditional Expectations in a Banach Space - Patrycja Jędrzejewska
3.1 Localization of the integral in a Banach space
3.2 Characterization of the range of conditional expectations in a Banach space
3.3 Consequences of the main theorem

4 The Full Proof of Estimates of an Error of Approximate Solution of a Singular Integral Equation on the Half-Plane. Part II - Paweł Karczmarek, Dorota Pylak and Michail A. Sheshko
4.1 Statement of considered problems
4.2 Introductory results
4.3 Estimates of the errors

5 Non-Separability of Operator Banach Spaces - Patrycja Jędrzejewska, August M. Zapała
5.1 The problem of separability of operator Banach spaces
5.2 Non-separability of operator Hilbert space
5.3 Construction of a normalized bi-orthogonal system in a normed linear space
5.4 Non-separability of operator Banach spaces
5.5 Examples of non-separable operator Banach spaces
5.6 Non-separability of some operator spaces for pairs of various Banach spaces

Part II Computer Science

6 On Designing Effective O(log n)-Algorithms for Semigroup Evaluation - Joanna Kapusta, Zofia Marek and Ryszard Smarzewski
6.1 Semigroup evaluation
6.2 Fast semigroup algorithms of the first kind
6.3 Fast semigroup algorithms of the second kind
6.4 The case of fast p-adic and automorphic algorithms

7 Web-Page Classification Based on Wikipedia Structure - Przemysław Kusaj, Mikołaj Kosyra and Małgorzata Charytanowicz
7.1 Web-page development
7.2 Background of the proposed solution
7.3 Thematic categories determination corpus
7.4 Method of thematic classification based on keyword vectors
7.4.1 Determination of pattern keyword vectors
7.4.2 Determination of the keyword vector
7.4.3 Method of thematic classification
7.5 Final remarks and conclusions

8 Design Basics of the OAM-Based Fast Orthogonal Transforms Processor IP Core Generator - Anatoliy Melnyk
8.1 From IP Core to IP Cores Generator
8.2 Fast Orthogonal Transforms
8.3 Choosing the Base Transform for OTT implementation
8.4 An approach to design of the OAM-based Fast Orthogonal Transforms Multichannel Pipeline Processor IP Core Generator
8.5 The ordered access memory
8.6 OAM-based Fast Orthogonal Transforms Multichannel Pipeline Processor IP Core Generator Architecture
8.7 Conclusions

9 AES-CCM* Security Module Architecture for IEEE 802.15.4 Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks - Viktor Melnyk
9.1 Wireless Networks Security Mechanisms Overview
9.2 Security Services in IEEE 802.15.4 Std.
9.3 AES-CCM* Security Module Design Prerequisites
9.3.1 AES-CCM* Security Module Environment
9.3.2 Frame securing process
9.3.3 Frame unsecuring process
9.3.4 Forming Initialization Vectors
9.4 AES-CCM* Security Module Architecture, Interface and Operation
9.5 AES-CCM* Security Module Functional Blocks
9.5.1 M-Decoder
9.5.2 Length Counter
9.5.3 Data Former & Parser
9.5.4 CBC Module
9.5.5 CTR Module
9.5.6 AES Encryption Module
9.6 Conclusions

10 Two Parallel Algorithms for Finding the Shortest Covering of a Boolean Matrix - Sergey Novikov
10.1 Introduction and preliminary observations
10.2 Parallel minimax algorithm
10.3 Parallel constructing of the shortest coverings of large Boolean matrices
10.3.1 Parallel algorithm COVMB
10.3.2 An interesting option of the parallel algorithm COVMB
10.4 Conclusions

11 Theoretical Model of a Multi-Key Steganography System - Pavel Urbanovich, Nadzeya Shutko
11.1 The main features of steganographic systems
11.2 General concept of themodel
11.3 Formal description of theoretical model of a steganographic system
11.4 Alternative description of a steganographic system
11.5 Collisions in steganographic systems
11.6 The role of keys

12 Connections, Decompositions and Representations of Multi-Place Relations - Patrycja Jędrzejewska, August M. Zapała
12.1 Basic terminology concerning relations and functions
12.2 Connections and decompositions of relations
12.3 Representations of multi-place relations by consecutive connections defined by binary connecting relations

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